Orchid Care

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Phalenopsis Orchids

Phals are a very popular orchid for decorating. You see them often in magazines as beautiful accents to home design. [...]

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Phalaenopsis care sheet for Florida growing

Blue Pagoda and Evolution Orchids, LLC. 895 S. Indiana Ave  Englewood, Fl. 34223 941-474-3255 blue-pagoda.com info@bluepagoda.com If you received or [...]

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Orchids in Bark Mix

Care Sheet for Growing in FL. Here is a general care sheet that you can use for most of your [...]

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Orchids in Decorative Pots – Ready for Shipping or Delivery

Photos of how our orchids look once they are in a decorative pot with sheet moss and curly willow or [...]

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Variety of 4″ Potted Phalaenopsis Orchids

Some of our current 4″ potted phalaenopsis orchids. Our availability changes daily so please be sure to list your first [...]

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Mickey’s Orchid Corner-Zygopetalums

ZYGOPETALUMS and THEIR HYBRIDS Zygopetalums come from low to mid-elevation regions of South America. Many are terrestrial and have multiple, [...]

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With habitat destruction, natural occurring orchids (species) are disappearing. Government agencies are trying to protect orchids from extinction by regulating [...]

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Orchids – Oncidium Culture

 ONCIDIUM     (On-sid-ee-um) Oncidiums are an amazingly large and diverse group of orchids. Oncidiums grow from sea level to high elevations [...]

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SPOTLIGHT ON STANHOPEAS (and their relatives)

These are great summer blooming orchids. Though the flowers are short lived (about 3 days), they are fascinating to watch [...]

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Orchid- Summer Growing Tips

 Make sure all your repotting is completed by summer. Start to fertilize your orchids if you are not already. There [...]

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